Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) as a Service

Next-Gen Distribution and Ownership Model For your assets, Films, Scenes and Art

Get Started NFT FAQ

Framework for launching your own NFT Services


An integrated marketplace service with your video services - open to anyone to create a video service and connect your own NFT service to your platform.


Create your own NFT and offer it to your viewers on The-Ally network


Buyers can explore, own & trade these NFT assets further

Why Create your NFT on The-Ally network

Launch your own branded platform instantly - Use self-configurable Admin to configure

Zero coding required - Select from ready templates for your service

Associate with your Films / Video Service platform on The-Ally network

Low initial set up fees on the network

Deep Analytics

Auction & Buy Local currency support & Matic

Standard package for one asset class
  • UI/UX Templates
  • User Profile
  • Storefront
  • Digital Wallet - storage, payment
  • Payment Gateway
  • Authorization & Security
  • Branded Home page
  • Product page
  • Ethereum - ERC721 based contracts
  • Transaction history
  • Admin panel
  • NFT Management
  • Creator page
  • Templates
  • T&C, Privacy Policy, Customer support


Ready-to-launch, Whitelable NFT Platform delivered instantly

Instant NFT

Go-Live within few minutes

White label platform

Your business logo

Admin Panel

Self configurable options

24*7 Auditable

Transparency & Traceability by blockchain

DRM support for video assets

Blockchain based DRM

Fast Playback of videos from OTT
Distribution aligned with Films & Video assets


Trading of Films as NFT
Choice of NFT

Video, Films, Audio, Image, Tickets NFT

Low Platform fees
Build your own business case as NFT
UI/UX Templates

Local currency - Payment Gateway Crypto - Matic

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