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Whether you wish to initiate a family album as an individual, or your own platform as a small creator or a Professional service for streaming, you can find all here at The-Ally.


Ally Free

Free per 30 days

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Ally Plex

USD 29.00 per 30 days

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Ally Channel

USD 59.00 per 30 days

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Transcoding 1 GB 3 GB 50 GB
Storage 1 GB 8 GB 50 GB
CMS Access
Sharing on Social, Messages & Email
CDN Delivery
SEO Management
Streaming 5 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Payment Gateway
Blockchain Based DRM
Shared Ally Apps (Mobile, TV, Firestick)
Additional Storage $0.07/GB $0.07/GB
Additional Streaming $0.07/GB $0.07/GB
Additional Transcoding $1.75/GB $1.75/GB
Web Series
Custom Domain
Films Upto 2

Enterprise Plans

Talk to us! Customized plans for everyone.

Optional Services / Month
Play Back apps- Android mobile, iOS mobile, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku
(if not included in plan) per app/mo
DRM $0.02/view
Live Transcoding $0.01/min
Live Streaming * $0.03/GB

All Plans include

CMS Access

Self-configurable, self-managed Content Management System


Real-time transaction dashboard & Analytics

Choice of UI Themes

Different themes to select from


Tokenized content

Verifiable Transactions

On blockchai n

Plug-n-Play Services

Selection of many services like Live meeting, Blog, Movies, Series etc

Support services

Email, phone, whatsapp support service s

Custom Branding

Configure the platform for your brand

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