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Next-Gen distribution model for content delivered by Creators and powered by blockchain.

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Earn royalties every time your content is traded on the Marketplace and get access to millions of viewers traders!

What is NFT?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token), is a digital identity and ownership of anything and is stored on a blockchain. It helps you monetize the digital version of your work, which can be a film, video, music, property, art etc, anything that can be traded. NFT’s are transparent (P2P deals), and traceable (tracked on public system) to validate proof of ownership.

NFT’s on films or videos on The-Ally are tied to the underlying content available on the platform. These can be sold and further traded on the The-Ally NFT for monetary gains. At any given time, the originator and the current owner can be traced on the Matic blockchain.

How it works?


Create an account and submit your video / Art


You can create NFT yourself (Mint) or We will help you create


You will get buyers, who will pay for your NFT


The Owners can resell the content further when they wish to trade further.

Who can buy?


  • Make your dream come true to become a film distributor. Buy NFT and become a rightful part owner of content

Streaming platforms

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