Why The-Ally OTT?

The-Ally is Powered by Blockchain technology & Artificial Intelligence!

Experience a powerful and one of the most advanced streaming ships in the world!

  • Innovations and adoption of two most forward looking technologies supporting the platform - Blockchain & AI
  • Blockchain distributed tech for content distribution and transparency in every transaction
  • AI based Predictive Real-time Video intelligence system
  • Low latency Edge compute - sub second streaming
  • Highest quality viewing experience with lowest rebuffer rates
  • Next generation CDN purging - 135 global POP
  • Cloud-based end-to-end security, Multi-DRM enabled
  • Cloud AWS scalability & performance
  • Enhanced video quality experience at constant bitrate

Video streaming market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.0% from 2021 to 2028. Innovations, such as Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, to improve video quality are expected to boost the market growth

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The-Ally is Powered by blockchain technology & Artificial Intelligence!

Customizable SaaS Solution for OTT enablement

Experience an ultimate machinery working in tandem to enable good streaming.

  • Configure your own CDN. Or use a CDN with 1000+ ISP network connections, 130+ delivery locations globally.
  • Choice of 4K/HD/SD quality delivery thru ABS enabled, custom built video player.
  • Real-time analytics with option for custom defined KPIs
  • Partners can self-configure Multi-Channel Network to become an aggregator with full transparency to everyone
  • Enable and share content with ease and confidence with external platforms
  • Configure the payment split in real-time into your bank accounts


Robust, Scalable and High-Speed Whitelable Streaming Platform delivered instantly

Distribution powered by blockchain
Highly Scalable on-demand


24*7 Auditable

Transparency & Traceability by blockchain

Advanced CMS

Self configurable options

Multi-Content Network

Partner sharing

White label platform

Your business logo

Multi-Screen support

Web, Mobile & TV apps

Various levels of security
DRM support

Blockchain based DRM

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Monetization models

Freemium, TVOD, SVOD, AVOD

Powerful Video Marketing tools

Social Media, email, Whatspp

Fast Playback
Captions & Subtitles
4K, UHD, HD & SD Video quality
5.1 Audio quality
Security & Video Protection
DRM & Anti-Screen Capture
128 Bit AES Encryption
Password Protection
IP Blocking
Multi-DRM compatibility

Analytics & Dashboard

  • Content Analytics
  • User Analytics
  • Performance Analytics
  • Payment Analytics
  • Google Analytics

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