Secured Transactions, Detailed Dashboard, Data Insights, Configurable CMS, Payment Settlement Available in Real-time and all are Free services

Video Management: Blockchain-based platform for Videos

  • Transparent
  • Traceable - Know the content journey
  • Immutable database - Controlled Proof of transactions

Video Monitoring options - Transactions Transparency

  • Dashboard - Monitor customer activity in real-time, transaction-level insights
  • Deep Analytics - Actionable insights on Content, Users & Payments
  • Key metrics
  • Behavioural insights - Consumer behaviour

Videos / Films distribution - Sell, share or rent your videos globally or to a specific community or to Cinemas

  • Open it to the market or enable a restricted audience
  • Share it on social media or email or whatsapp
  • Analytics - Get detailed content level statistics
  • Choice of models & templates
  • Integrate Google Analytics, Mailchimp
  • Adaptive streaming

Video Security - Tokenization, Encryption, DRM, Screen Capture,

  • Tokenized content
  • 128 Bit encryption
  • Video streaming playback with DRM protection
  • Additional Chrome protection

Available On

Live Streaming

  • Stream anything
  • Chat

Engage with your Video

Custom made
  • Tweak the video player as per your needs
  • Change color, themes, controls, options, define what suits well with your video.
  • Make it for public or keep it private; password protected
Play it here or Embed anywhere
  • Play your video on your preferred websites, blog or anywhere on the internet
  • Responsive - Adapted automatically to your website or mobile configuration.

Multi-channel network: Build your Business partners network to offer services

  • Clients can have sub-clients
  • Transparency for all stakeholders
  • Real-time revenue attribution

Monetization models

  • Buy (DRM free)
  • Rent - Pay/View (with DRM) (TVOD)
  • Subscription (SVOD)
  • Sponsorships - Ad supported (AVOD)
  • P2P

Customization tools

  • Revenue share between your business partners
  • Self-Manage your business rules
  • Self-Orchestrate the configurations of your offerings completely
  • Self-Upload your content and keep the rights with you
  • Self-Configure options to receive payments
  • Geo fencing
  • Customized pricing to define / alter content pricing

Promote Content - to bring traffic and increase transaction

  • Distribution through Paytm, Bookmyshow
  • Content SEO and link boost
  • Link your content with your social handle - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Integrate paid Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Targeted Email & SMS notification.


  • Payment Gateways - Multiple choice of payment gateways
  • Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) - You can opt to have your own cloud and we will use that for streaming
  • Power up your existing OTT / Streaming business

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